A group of Latin American researchers and companies after participating in worldwide meetings of IAHR´s Hydraulic Machines Committee, decided to join efforts to increase interaction in Latin America for developing regional research as well as to improve dissemination of these researches around the world. Thus, on 2010 the Latin American Working Group was launched during IAHR conference held in Romania under the coordination of Prof. François Avellan (EPFL-Switzerland) President of IAHR´s Hydraulic Machines & Systems Committee on that time, and started its activities on 2012. Since 2013, Prof. Eduard Egusquiza (UPC-Spain) is responsible for the IAHR’s Hydralic Machines & Systems Committee.
Latin American Working Group´s purpose is to develop its activities in cooperation with IAHR Regional LAD, considering its experience and contribution on hydraulic area, in order to strength Latin America presence in scientific production.